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Welcome to the Ask Dr Hayes Online Consultations!

There is a lot to know about nutrition and the information available can become very confusing. Dr Hayes will help you to understand how your body works and how your mind interacts with it. You will come to understand what is causing your weight problems or your lack of energy, and you will be able to use this knowledge to lose weight and keep it off..

Please feel free to ask questions and Dr Angie Hayes will answer them.

Please note - this website is currently undergoing redevelopment and you will find a lot more features shortly.

Questions asked recently:

Why is there so much fuzz about the Atkins diet? It seems to work for some people but why is there a problem with it?

Hi Angie,

How long do i have to run before it starts to become effective?

Hi Angie,

How many kilos is it safe to lose in a week?

I am not very overweight but need to loose about 5 kg quickly so I can fit into my dress for my sisters wedding. Can you tell me how I can get there in 2 weeks?

Hi Angie,

Other than calories, and fat in food, is there anything else to pay attention too when trying to lose weight?

Hi Angie,
What do you think about the herbalife products?

Hi Angie,
Are there any health issues that need to be worked out before beginning an exercise routine?

How can Dr Hayes Plans help me?

Dr Hayes Plans are based on scientifically sound concepts and on the experience that one strategy will not work for everybody. Hence Dr Hayes Plans are tailored to your specific needs and circumstances. There is no rigid plan and we recognise that any advice is only as good as it is practical and feasible.

The basis of the plan for you will be an in depth conversation with a consultant, which is designed to identify the causes of your weight problem and possible strategies.

We offer ongoing support, which covers reviews of the plan, answering of questions and ongoing education about nutrition and healthy lifestyle. The aim is to establish the necessary knowledge to be able to maintain a healthy weight once it has been achieved.

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